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Welcome to Midwives Lelystad. We are a small practice where a personal approach comes first. At our practice you will see a maximum of 5 midwives and we ensure that you have always met everyone before you give birth. We like to build a personal relationship within our practice and really want to be there for you. Everything can be discussed with us, you don't have to feel like 'a healthcare provider' because you can always call us.  With us you always receive immediately Midwife on the line and no assistant. This way you never have to tell your story twice and you will receive help quickly.

Our practice consists of a small, committed and warm team of midwives, all of whom put the best care for you first. Because you does not see changing midwives all the time, you can really build a bond with us and there will always be a well-known midwife at your delivery. A bond with your midwife is one of the most important things for good outcomes during a birth and that is why this is a priority for all of us.
We also have consultations every two weeks so that we are aware of the situation of our pregnant women. No one is unknown within our practice, so when you call we always know who you are and you can immediately tell us your story.

As midwives at Midwives Lelystad, we believe it is important that there is enough time for you during the check-ups during your pregnancy and that is why we offer standard extra-long check-ups of 20 minutes and some checks even 30-60 minutes. Because every pregnancy is unique, it may sometimes be desirable to schedule additional check-ups in between. That's why we offer one as standard heart consultation hour if you are worried or just want to listen to the baby extra (for example with a family member or friend).

At Midwives Lelystad we think it is important that you can answer all questions during your pregnancy, delivery, postpartum period and follow-up check (6 weeks after delivery). Even if you are being monitored in hospital before your pregnancy, you can also come to our consultation hours so that we can stay informed of how you are doing.

Is specific extra help needed during pregnancy for certain complaints, such as: pelvic pain, then we have a very nice collaboration with a regular pelvic floor physiotherapist Pascale van Uitert where we can ask your questions directly and you will receive immediate help.

Sometimes it may be necessary to receive extra help with breastfeeding during the maternity week and here too we have a good collaboration with permanent lactation consultant Everien Vogel.

Finally, we provide information in our own practice about various important topics, including childbirth and maternity week, which you can use free of charge. Would you also like to get in touch with other pregnant women in Kampen or the surrounding area? Then you can participate in our group meetings, also called Centering Pregnancy. The latter has many advantages, such as more confidence in your pregnancy and delivery, which research has shown. Of course, this is not an obligation and you can also choose to come to us for an individual check-up where there is enough time for your questions.

What can you expect from us?

When you are pregnant, you naturally want the best care for you and your unborn child. Verloskundigen Lelystad offers exactly that, with a service that is not only professional and safe, but also personal and accessible. Here are some reasons why expectant mothers should choose Midwives Lelystad:

24/7 accessibility:
Knowing that you can contact someone at any time of the day or night provides unparalleled peace of mind. With us, a midwife is always available to discuss your concerns or answer questions.

Direct contact with your Midwife:
When you call us, you will always get the midwife on the line, not an assistant. This way you never have to tell your story twice and you will always receive help quickly.

Small and enthusiastic team:
A smaller team means more personal attention and care for each client. Our enthusiastic team of Midwives Lelystad is ready to welcome you with open arms, support and guide you through your pregnancy, delivery and the period afterwards.

Accessible contact and personal attention:
You are not a number. With us, every client receives the personal attention she deserves. Our team strives to build a bond with you so that you always feel comfortable.

Professionalism and safety first:
The safety of you and your baby always comes first. With our team of highly qualified midwives who follow the latest developments in their field, you can rely on expert care.

Customized and high-quality care:
Every pregnancy is unique and we provide tailor-made care that is tailored to your specific needs and wishes.

Free early ultrasound:
An early ultrasound provides a first look at your unborn child. This is offered for free, so you can enjoy this special moment without extra costs.

Flexible consultation hours:
With evening consultation hours and consultation hours on Saturdays, care adapts to your schedule, not the other way around. This ensures that you always have access to the care you need, when you need it.

Pregnancy consultation, inserting and removing IUDs and Centering Pregnancy:
These additional services provide comprehensive support, not only during pregnancy but also before and after. This shows that Verloskundigen Lelystad offers complete care.

Complete five-language care (Dutch, English, German, Spanish and Italian) and obstetric information in 22 languages:
Language should not be a barrier to quality assurance. At Verloskundigen Lelystad you can count on understandable communication, regardless of your native language.

Choosing Midwives Lelystad means choosing a healthcare provider who understands that every pregnancy is special and deserves to be treated with the greatest care and attention. With our extensive services and dedicated team, we offer a warm and safe environment for one of the most important periods in your life.

Experiences of other mothers (and fathers!)

Kimberly L


From Thursday September 28, 2023 we had our appointments at the Dronten midwifery practice. We consciously chose this practice and would choose this practice again. We really liked both the old and the new team. We had our check-up appointments at Sanne, Jasmijn and Lieke and the (follow-up) check-ups at our home were with Sanne and Anne. We are well informed and guided throughout the pregnancy. Thanks for everything
June 8, 2024


We were very well informed and guided by these midwives during our pregnancy, delivery and aftercare. The contract went very smoothly and through the various organized information evenings and centering meetings, you were not only guided individually during your pregnancy, but you also came into contact with "fellow sufferers" and were able to share your experiences with each other.
April 24, 2024


During the pregnancy I received very good guidance from all the midwives involved. At the end of March I gave birth under the supervision of Jasmijn and Sanne. They listened carefully to the wishes. By communicating well beforehand and during the entire pregnancy, I have a very pleasant feeling about the practice, and I also experienced the aftercare as pleasant during the maternity week. The communicative care of the assistants in particular is very good. They will assist you in a friendly manner during every process. If you have any questions in the meantime, they will do everything they can to help you!
April 12, 2024


Even though I had been checking up with the parent owners for almost my entire pregnancy, I have always felt at ease with the new owner and employee. The ladies behind the phone are also lovely ladies. Always a nice chat. Thanks for everything.
March 19, 2024


Good care. Very nice atmosphere. I recommend it to future parents.
March 18, 2024


Thankful for the good care. And you are really listened to. There is time and space for your questions.
March 17, 2024

Maternity nurse

What a great practice to work with. I experienced Sanne and Jasmijn as involved in the maternity family. The parents received excellent guidance, which they experienced as very positive. Even as a maternity nurse, short lines of communication are very pleasant. I look forward to meeting you again in the families.
March 15, 2024


March last year I visited these midwives for the first time. After a sweet phone call from Judith, an appointment was made for the first ultrasound. Unfortunately, I had already had a miscarriage before then. I was then very well guided and also received tips to try again. Since August last year I have been seeing these midwives again. I am now almost 34 weeks pregnant and despite all the unpleasant things I have experienced, I feel strong because of all the ladies at this practice. I find the upcoming birth very exciting, but I trust that everything will go well under the guidance of one of the midwives.
March 14, 2024


Great practice that thinks along with you.
March 5, 2024
Verloskundige in Lelystad Sanne
"As a midwife I strive for openness and honesty. I am there to really understand you, even if everything cannot be expressed in words"
Practice Owner & Midwife
Verloskundige in Lelystad Jasmijn
"Every woman, every pregnancy and every birth is unique... My goal is to make it a beautiful experience together with you."
Verloskundige in Lelystad Nomy
"What you can expect from me as a midwife is that I am an open and honest person, I like to offer a listening ear."
Verloskundige i.o. Lieke
"As a midwife, my focus is to make everything go as smoothly and comfortably as possible for you during pregnancy and delivery."
Anna Verloskundige bij Verloskundigen Lelystad
Hello dear women and partners. My name is Anna. I have now been able to call myself a midwife for a number of years and have worked for two years in Switzerland, where I was allowed to work as a midwife, regularly performing 2 to 3 deliveries per day.
I would like to introduce myself to you. My name is Noémi, 27 years old and I have been able to call myself a midwife for 5 years now. I have also been working as an ultrasound technician for 2 years. It is very nice and beautiful to be able to make ultrasounds as an addition to the profession. In my spare time I like to be outside, messing around in our picking garden or sailing on the Ketelmeer, where our sailing boat is moored. I look forward to working as an ultrasound technician at Verloskundigen Lelystad. Maybe see you soon!
Obstetrician & Ultrasound Technician

Free early ultrasound at 7 weeks
worth €56,-
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